Strategic Affiliate

Summit is part of a larger, global consortium, the Selected Group, which is headquartered in Dubai, UAE.  Executives of the Selected Group possess considerable financial, management and legal expertise.

One Selected Group affiliate, Selected Gulf Advisors Ltd. (“Selected Advisors”) engages in agency representation services and various joint venture opportunities throughout the Gulf region. Selected Advisors works closely with Summit in the agency representation arena. Selected Advisors provides advisory services to support and enhance Summit’s agency representation business in KSA, and has engaged Summit to serve as Selected Advisor’s designated agency representation partner within KSA.

Other Selected Group affiliates engage in the private equity business, and the direct investments area. One of these, Selected Interests Inc, based in Austin Texas, that seeks out and negotiates merger and acquisition opportunities in North America.

Collectively, the Selected Group’s reservoir of talent, contacts, and capital significantly enhances Summit’s ability to capitalize on expansion opportunities for its stable of represented companies, and sets Summit apart from its competitors in the region.